Open Syno for Windows 10


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Read Update details below.Open Syno is an unofficial WP7 client for Synology's Audio Station.It provides the happy owners of a Synology NAS with a way to listen to their music library on the go without having to store any file on their phone. Therefore, Open Syno is very bandwidth greedy, and it is not recommended to use it with a 3G connection unless the user has an unlimited dataplan.Open Syno is free and open source and always will be. Contact us on our website if you want to be a part of it !Mango Update : Open Syno's rendering engine has been entirely rewritten. It now allows background playback, should be less battery greedy, and has overall better performance and stability. A very basic preliminary integration of Last.FM shows for each artist other similiar artists.0.1. : - initial release0.2 : - Password box is not shown in plaintext - Fixed bug with malformed url in credentials.- Glitches in sound playback should now be fixed.0.3 :- Optimizations for 3g playback.0.4 :- More intuitive UI to start music playback. - Partial support for SSL (only default trusted Certificate Authorities are supported; no self-signed certificates support.)1.0 First Mango Support !1.1 : - Fixed bug in URI handling with hostname:port notation- Fixed bug where starting playback without any track selected would crash the app.1.2 : - Improved stability of background playback with low bandwidth connection- Fixed multiple bugs according to user crash reports ! (that means we listen to the people !! ;) )1.3 :- Support for DSM v.4.0- Changing publisher name to

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